Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2007

Xiangqiboard announced!

You were looking for a resizeable xiangqi GUI for GNU Linux? Rejoice, Xiangqiboard is the answer! HoiXiangqi will be the first engine playable with Xiangqiboard. Thanks to Holger Ruckdeschel for adapting HoiChess to Xiangqi!

The resizeable board is implemented with the Gtk2Hs GUI Library for Haskell based on Gtk and the included Cairo 2d graphics library support. The pieces are hand created with Inkscape, a mighty fine free (GPL) software scalable vector graphics editor :-)

The GUI is playable right now, but still in its initial development phase. Xiangqiboard is free software and will be licensed under the GNU General Public License.

First prerelease version of the source code will be available very soon!